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Why Remortgage?

Why would you want to remortgage?  There are numerous reasons, and switching your deal or lender could save you a considerable amount of money.


  • Remortgaging to a deal with a lower interest rate could save you money
  • Switching to a flexible mortgage that allows you to overpay, underpay or take optional payment breaks can help avoid additional costs further down the line
  • Remortgaging in order to make improvements to your home could increase its value
  • Switching to a new lender could provide you with a better level of service than your existing provider
  • Switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate could give you a more secure deal
  • Consolidating your debts such as credit cards and personal loans can be convenient, but may also extend the repayment term and increase overall costs
  • Remortgaging can help raise capital or release some funds for one-off purchases such as a home improvement project or a lump sum for for a child trust fund (CTF)
  • You could consider remortgaging to invest in buy to let properties

If you are considering remortgaging, please contact us to discuss your needs with a professional broker.