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Tenants: Fees and Charges

The fees outlined below are for tenancies entered into before the 1st June 2019 and are only valid until the 31st May 2020

As of 2015, the law states that landlords and tenants should be made aware of all charges that may apply to their agreements.  These are outlined below, but please contact us if you need further information.

Standard Charges

Deposit:  6 weeks, held with the Deposit Protection Scheme

Referencing Fee: £250

This applies once you've found a property with us (non returnable).  It covers 2 people, with an additional £50 per person thereafter including guarantors.

Pet Fee: £150 non returnable

Renewal Fee: £60, split between tenant and landlord, the charge being £30 to each party.

Property Visits and Penalty Charges

£50 if the rent is 7 days late and a further £25 per week will be added until the balance has been cleared. If the tenant breaches the contract and a letter has to be sent out,  costs not exceeding £20 will be charged.

Bounced cheque or returned standing order

Costs not exceeding £20 will be charged.

Section 8 Housing Act 1988 notice because of a breach

Costs not exceeding £35 will be charged.

Failure to Reponse to MMS and/or Visit Required

If a tenant does not respond to the Landlord or MMS, and a visit is required to the property, costs not exceeding £60 will be charged.

If the Landlord or MMS have reason to believe the property has been abandoned and have to make enquiries with neighbours, local authorities and attend the property, costs not exceeding £60 will be charged.

Failure to keep an appointment where we have to attend the property, costs not exceeding £45 will be charged.

Final checkout at the end of the tenancy £35 will be charged.

The tenant will be liable for all legal fees incurred if court action is taken to regain possession of the property.

Medway Mortgage and Property Shop is a member of The Property Ombudsman redress scheme