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For first-time buyers, the house buying process can seem confusing and daunting. We have many years experience of the mortgage market and have helped many first time buyers like you to purchase their first home. We will ensure that the process is as stress free as possible by helping you through every aspect of your new move.

We will also look at the affordabilty aspect of your new mortgage as well as looking at  areas of financial protection.We welcome parents or friends if they want to come and sit with you at meetings and invite them to ask as many questions as they need.  You will receive regular telephone or e-mail progress reports and you will be able to speak personally to your mortgage adviser regarding any concerns you may have. if you have any questions or concerns, before, during or after the mortgage process, we welcome your telephone calls. We do not want or expect you to be left wondering or worrying about what is happening.

House hunting tips

  • See as many houses as possible - this gives you a flavour of what's on the market
  • Location is crucial. How far are you really willing to travel to your place of employment? How good are the local schools, shopping centres, public transport and other public facilities?
  • Take someone with you - they may spot something you don't
  • Return for a second or third look - especially at different times of the day
  • Inspecting multiple homes can be a confusing experience for some people. Rather than relying on memory, make notes about the homes you visit
  • Don't get too attached to a house until you know it's definitely yours -  this helps you keep an open mind on other places you look at

Questions to ask us and yourself

  • What monthly repayments are affordable?
  • How much can I borrow on my salary?
  • Do I need a deposit? If so, how much?
  • What other purchase costs are involved, i.e. valuation and legal?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • What type of property do I want - house/flat/new or old/number of bedrooms?
  • Where do I find the property I want - estate agents/internet/property papers?

Agreement in principle

Many buyers arrange an "agreement in principle" decision from the lender. This confirms that your mortgage has been approved subject to references/income proof and property valuation. We can recieve this "decision" for you - usually within 24 hours but it can often be obtained within a few minutes. This will give you the confidence to start viewing properties with the complete knowledge that your mortgage has been agreed. If in any doubt or not looking to move for a while, you may not want this step to be taken as this entails a credit check. This may leave a footprint on your credit file for up to 2 years and too many footprints may bring down your credit score.